About Digital-Collective.Co

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what is digital-collective.Co?


We’re a new full service digital collective of experts with a unique mission. We want to help clients build commercially viable businesses and communicate messages and stories authentically.

Digital marketer Mia McLeod created Digital-Collective.Co in 2020. She realised that within her freelance network there was a wide variety of digital marketing skills. But after years of working on both agency and client side, many of her contacts were keen to work on their own terms. What if they could use their complementary skills to work together to help businesses improve their digital marketing?

With that in mind, Digital-Collective.Co was born. Individually, we’ve got years of working for some of the largest content companies, digital businesses, advertising and marketing agencies and for some of the world’s leading and most exciting brands. Together, we’re a powerhouse of digital marketing collaboration who drive commercial results.

How is digital-collective.co different?

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We’re not an agency, we are a digital marketing collective

We’re not a soulless digital agency. We’re not a multi-national corporation. We’re something better. We’re a streamlined, creative and flexible digital marketing service experience. We’re 100% focused on creating unique digitally led campaigns while driving revenue for businesses of all sizes.


We have it all…

Yep we have the full kit and caboodle.

You want to dip your toe in social media? We can do that too.

You want to launch a new brand product with a full scale digital marketing or advertising campaign. Want us to run social media and manage your growth objectives? We can do it.

You want to build an eCommerce shop for your website and need a team to set it up all for you? We can do it.

We are a full service collective with expertise in all areas of digital and creative marketing.

We’re commercially driven

Every decision we make, from writing social media posts to media buying, centres around how we can best convert audiences into customers.

We live and breathe KPIs and return on investment, we’re kind of nerdy like that. Our smart digital marketing solutions take into consideration rapidly changing business environments and market dynamics. We adapt to ensure commercial success for your business.

We’re creative

Sure, we get results but we also get design. Our content team are highly creative digital, audio and video creators. Good design makes emotional connections, creates tailored solutions and increases accessibility.

We believe that when good design is paired with good strategy, that’s when you get the best results.


We are upfront about our costs

Ever been to one of those big pitch meetings where you’re given a big sell. You’re promised the earth and you get really excited but when you receive the quote, you realise it’s waaaaay out of your budget? Yeah we hate that too. That’s why we are completely upfront about our costs.


We don’t have big overheads so we can keep your costs low

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt recently, is that working remotely is achievable. Not only can it be great for productivity but there are huge environmental and cost benefits.

Here at Digital-Collective.Co, we don’t have a big trendy loft office in Surry Hills and we aren’t paying for a heap of excess staff. We’re a lean, fully remote and flexible workforce. It means that what you’re paying for is the expert work we do, our tech solutions and our first-rate strategy and advice.

our team

Some people call us digital whiz kids… others say we’re dedicated and talented. We call ourselves a group of socially conscious, hard working & like minded people.

Mia McLeod

Mia McLeod

Digital Strategy + Marketing

Mia is a global digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience building businesses and running digital sales and marketing teams for international brands like Walt Disney, Microsoft, Sony Music and Universal Music where she has worked in both Sydney and London.

Caitlin Wright

Caitlin Wright

Copywriting + Communications

Caitlin is a freelance journalist and digital editor, SEO website copywriter and all-round word nerd. She’s got 15+ years of experience writing for and editing some of the world’s biggest websites and brands including Yahoo7, GoFundMe, Mastercard, Skype and Bupa.

Remy Taylor

Remy Taylor

Social Media

Remy prides herself on her ability to craft effective strategies that grow, engage and translate to the right type of digital audiences. She embodies the social media generation; she is super creative, tech-savvy, inspired, holistic and a little bit of an over-sharer!

Stacey Brown

Stacey Brown

Media + Advertising

With 8+ years’ experience working in the media industry across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Stacey has executed many high impact multi format digital and traditional media campaigns that get brands that make an impact in cluttered environments.

Pash Pradhan

Pash Pradhan

Web + Store Development

Pash is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Full Stack Engineer with over 8 years of experience in websites and web application architecture, design, database management, and development. Proficient in PHP, Laravel, WordPress + JavaScripts (VueJS).

Nichola Stones

Nichola Stones

Brand, UX/UI + Design

Nichola has a passion for creating holistic brand experiences, both online and offline. With over 20 years of design experience the spans the globe, Nikki has led and art directed brand design, digital, UX/UI, photography and video production teams. Nikki’s speciality is to marry creativity and digital strategy to create engaging customer experiences.

Samantha Dorri

Samantha Dorri

Brand + Design

Sam has over 20 years of global branding experience with a wide range of multinationals. With a deep passion for design, creation and entrepreneurship, Samantha has started up businesses and led creative teams in both large and small agencies and gained international branding experience in London, the Middle East and Singapore.

Our Track Record