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Beyond the Grid

The most comprehensive program for embracing your own voice and feeling confident about your social strategy and brand direction. 

Beyond the Grid is a six-week social training course that will align you with your brand tone and aesthetic when it comes to social media. By the end of this course, you will feel confident that you have a social strategy and a clear brand direction, and feel excited and inspired by your social storytelling!




Beyond the Grid is a right fit if:

→  You’re overwhelmed and don’t know what social means to your business anymore. 

→  You know social storytelling is crucial to your business, but don’t know how to make it convert. 

→  You’re confused about what to post and who your message is for. 

→  You want to take your brand to the next level without spending all day on social media. 

→  You’re not comfortable sharing in public but know it’s what you need to do to cut through.

→  You want to be more socially conscious, but don’t know where to start.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Digital Collective Co

the past few months and I cannot rave about them enough! Their expertise, support, professionalism and all-around divineness has been far beyond what I could have dreamt of when I went in search of an agency to help me elevate and grow Moody. They go above and beyond in every way…love them!”

– Louise McCann, Founder – Moody Activewear

By the end of this program you will:


Feel Confident

Have a social strategy and a clear brand direction.
– Have the tools to embrace your own voice and the confidence to share it.


Feel Excited

With confidence comes excitement about social storytelling and growing your brand with a clear and effective strategy.


Feel Inspired

– Become inspired by your business & who you are able to help because of it
– Gain inspiration for your next post & overall content


Feel Aligned

Your brand tone and aesthetic all come together perfectly when it comes to your social storytelling.

But above all else…


Beyond the Grid will give you the confidence to stand as an authority in your niche, embrace your own voice, and feel more comfortable about sharing it.

“Wow what a dream team!

If you’re looking to start your own business and need help with branding, social media, brand personality, tone of voice, etc., Digital Collective Co is the ONLY way to go! Each team member has their own unique superpowers and will work thoroughly to produce something amazing, with meaning, that you will love. They’ve been really fun to work with and very supportive along the way. I would highly recommend it!”

Angela Foulds, Found – The Power Within Network

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