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With life full of mini moments, Shouta Digital Gifting App, helps celebrate special events with instant digital nano gifts like coffee, drinks and more! The Shouta app allows people to Send a personalised 'shout' to a friend or loved one. Plus they've just launched Shouta Biz, a business rewards program that provides companies with a great way to remunerate and recognise staff!

The brief

Shouta wanted to use micro influencers to spread the word about their digital gifiting app, with the objective of brand awareness, education and ultimately increasing app downloads. They wanted to use the Instagram Reels format as the medium for engaging consumers via video content. By using Australian micro influencers, the project delivered a wide variety of content styles.

The solution

We solved this by:

Leveraging the creative styles of different micro influencers to bring to life the different personalities of the Shouta brand and target audiences.Keeping in mind the target of 25-45 year old savvy audiences who are curious about new trends, we delivered a social strategy heavily focused on trending content styles. Including, collaborating with 1 major influencer (Edan McGovern) and 2 micro influencers to utilise Instagram reels remix function. Our main content focus was on creating funny reels showing how Shouta App works and encouraging acts of kindness. This strategy leveraged the timeliness of the Instagram algorithm favouring reel content as well as showing off the 'back and forth' of the reels remix functionality.

Over the course of the campaign, we achieved 77K new views in total, as well as ran a successful Instagram competition.