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CLIENT: The Power Within

LOCATION: Singapore

SERVICES: Brand Strategy  |  Tone of Voice & Copywriting  |  Identity Design & Guidelines  |  Social Media Strategy & Planning

An introduction

The Power Within is a coach connector business aiming to connect coaches with individuals and organisations to help maximise their personal and professional growth. Recently founded by Angela Foulds, Angela came to us to help her take her brand to market. She wanted clarity on how to define her offering and how she should speak to her audience. Her ultimate goal was to grow her database and to start approaching clients to sell coaching programs.


The brand

The brief

The challenge

Our challenge was to:

  • Clearly define TPW’s offering so it could achieve the goal of growing the database and kickstart a strong sales strategy to sell coaching programs across three main service categories: Organisations, Entrepreneurs and Individuals.
  • Provide the brand with a brand strategy and tone of voice to help it resonate with its ideal audience.
  • Create the desired perception to be a globally renowned and respected network of coaches, facilitators and knowledge experts.
  • Define its audience and messaging by bringing clarity and consistency to the copy and helping customers understand the brand and its offerings more easily.
  • Create a strong visual and verbal identity that will help people admire, respect and trust the brand. The way a brand expresses itself needs to be both connected and consistent.
  • Develop a strong social strategy and plan to promote the defined USP of both Angela individually as ‘The Coach Connector’ and TPW itself.
  • Develop a messaging strategy and visual identity that inspires its audience through Angela’s own passionate and energetic story of personal growth, inspiration and purpose. By sharing this story, it will help others achieve their own maximum personal and professional growth.

The solution

We solved this by:

  • Conducting a brand discovery session to define The Power Withins’ brand.
  • Defining an overarching concept to symbolise TPW’s goals of what its customers will gain from TPW’s programs and coaching. We were inspired by the peacock which symbolises awakening, confidence, integrity, self-expression and self-love. 
  • Creating the TPW’s Unique Selling Proposition, which covered what they do, who they do it for and why they do it better than anyone else.
  • Helping discover the TPW brand’s mission including their company objectives and how they’re going to achieve it. 
  • Drafting a clear and strategic vision, to capture their overall philosophy and direction for the business.
  • Developing the brand’s core values. We gave clear definitions of how this could resonate through the brand tone of voice. This helped gain clarity of The Power Within and gave Angela a framework of how to write her website, blogs and social media posts in a way that would resonate with TPW’s defined audience.
  • Creating a visual identity including a new logo that symbolises transformational focus, positive change and the ever-evolving and growing self.
  • Defining a strong colour palette that not only expresses energy, dynamism and Angela’s own passion and energy, but also strategically and visually differentiates the various service categories of the brand: Organisations, Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Angela as ‘The Coach Connector’.
  • Planning a social strategy which included a month of social media posts together with a six month plan that will be used to create intrigue and awareness, generate new audiences, leverage existing coach audiences with cross-promotion and partnerships and use CTA to convert strong intentions into a sale.
  • Designing an extensive suite of social assets to clearly and easily communicate the different service categories and to support TPW’s key messaging themes to its audience across digital, social and marketing channels. These templates were then set up in Canva to enable the TPW team to design and post independently.
  • Delivering a cohesive brand guide to enable consistent and professional design and messaging communications and maintain the quality and integrity of The Power Within’s image.

The logo

The typography

Colour strategy

Business cards

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