How we created an online course, and made an impact

What started as a regular zoom meeting with a potential new client has ended up being one of the most surprising, incredible and all-in experiences for our team at Digital Collective Co — and we’re still processing the magnitude of turning a seed of an idea into a life-changing online course, retreat and community. In this article, we’ll step you through TransformU.

The story of TransformU

That potential client was none other than Jackie Gillies, an Australian psychic medium, best-selling author of Shine It Up, motivational speaker and reality TV personality, recognised for her roles on The Real Housewives of Melbourne and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Jackie, together with her husband Ben Gillies, best known as the drummer of Australian rock band Silverchair,  sought Digital Collective Co.’s expertise to turn her deep desire to help people transform their lives into something tangible — Jackie trusted Digital Collective Co to bring her mission to life.

And, wow, what a joy and journey it’s been!

From concept to launch

It’s been fewer than 12 months since that initial meet-and-greet with Jackie, and it’s seriously hard to believe just how far we’ve come, together. With an established social media following and profile, Jackie knew there was potential to reach more people and create profound change in their lives. 

Guided by Digital Collective Co, it made perfect sense to turn Jackie’s vision of elevating her impact and her own personal transformation onto a 12-week online course. Launched in October 2023, TransformU has truly illuminated the lives of the first round of course participants (there’s a waitlist for TransformU 2024!).

For Digital Collective Co, partnering with Jackie and Ben on the TransformU project has provided the opportunity to bring together our team’s full skillset in making the online course a huge success. There’s been lots of moving parts, many learnings, and some sweat and tears. But it’s been amazing!

Here’s a snapshot of our involvement

Strategy, Launch Plan, All Marketing, Branding and Design, Course Creation, UX & UI for New Website Pages, Tech Integration, EDM Strategy, Community Management, Event Management, Project Management.

“Working alongside Jackie and Ben on TransformU has been an absolute pleasure for me personally, and for the whole Digital Collective Co team. Jackie and Ben have a genuine passion for helping people live a fulfilling life — what a great privilege for us to be partnering with them on this mission,” says Mia McLeod, Founder and CEO, Digital Collective Co.

And, we’re just getting started…

Hosting a retreat seemed like a natural extension of the TransformU experience — a way for Jackie to meet course participants in-person and build an offline community of people keen to prioritise personal growth. In March, the inaugural retreat, Bali Bliss Out, exceeded all expectations.

At Digital Collective Co, we rolled up our sleeves to deliver an all-inclusive, transformational six-day live-in experience at Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club, and we’re thrilled Jackie and Ben, along with the attendees, absolutely loved, loved, loved everything about Bali Bliss Out.

Team Digital Collective Co: Tash, Mia and Marissa with Jackie Gillies

Keen to create an online course?

With TransformU 2024 about to go to market, a second retreat earmarked for later in the year, and a longer term goal of taking TransformU to the USA, there’s no rest for the wicked! If you’re considering turning your niche expertise into an online course, please get in touch with our team.

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