Digital-Collective.Co has launched and so has our podcast series ‘A Moment With Modern Mentors’

Digital-Collective.Co is a new way of working. Over the last few months we have been lucky enough to put together a seriously impressive collective of digital experts across the fields of design, social, marketing, advertising and web development. We have just launched into the Australian market with a digital services offeringthat gives businesses of all shapes and sizes ‘end-to-end’ digital solutions.So in line with the launch of our Digital-Collective.Co business, we have also launched a brand new podcast series called ‘A Moment With Modern Mentors’ where we chat with some of Australia’s fascinating content creators, startup founders and entrepreneurs.– Check out Podcast Episode 1 of Season 1, our interview with Jeff van de Zandt from Workshop Creative here.– Check out Podcast Episode 2 of Season 1, our interview with Lija Wilson from here.– Check out Podcast Episode 3 of Season 1, our interview with Lizzie Bland from Lean Bean Fitness here.OR– Watch all our Podcast Interviews from “A Moment With Modern Mentors” on YouTube:

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